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Confirmation Gift Direction Compass (BFC2)


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    ANTIQUANA May Your Faith Always Guid You Engraved Compass with Stamped Leather case. Solid Brass Compass in Antique Finish. Under the glass cover is a beautiful, detailed copper compass rose that is marked our brand name ANTIQUANA. The high quality jeweled compass needle settles to North very quickly for timely and accurate readings. It has a small lever on the side of the compass that operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. Gift for someone you love. Engraved message of the Compass “May Your Faith Always Guid You”. Size-Compass: 50mmX18mm, Leather Case: 3.5×3.5×0.8 inches. FINISH: Antiquated Brass Compass.

    • 🧭 Solid Brass
    • 🧭 Imported
    • 🧭 While fully functional as a compass, it is also a powerful symbol of guidance, inner strength, and adventure. Its points are leading toward limitless possibilities.
    • 🧭 The Vintage Nautical Compass is Made of Premium Grade Brass and Comes with a Handmade Wooden Gift Case.
    • 🧭 Its antique brass finish enhances your home décor, study room decoration, office desks, and more. It gives a classy and elegant touch to your space.
    • 🧭 It can be an add-on to your ancient and vintage collection—the perfect gift for your family and friends.
    • 🧭 As a perfect present, this Nautical Compass for sale is a gleaming recreation of the classic antique compass that has guided sailors since the 1100s.


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